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Celebrating Kwanzaa

It’s two days before Christmas, and many friends and family members are pulling their hair out with last-minute shopping as they brave the malls to scavenge bargain remains. Sound familiar? Many Americans put themselves in debt with holiday shopping, and 45% of Americans would … Continue reading

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The Dangerous NOPD

Last summer, I broke up a fight between two men near my Los Angeles home, and last night I stood between a man and a woman who were quarreling loudly in the street outside a friend’s home in New Orleans. … Continue reading

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“Tower Heist” Reveals Nostalgia for Racist Stereotypes in Hollywood

Tower Heist (2011) the new movie starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, is the latest installment in blatantly racist movie-making. It is embarassing for Hollywood and its “critics” to continue to be so ignorant. Continue reading

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A Recession for White Americans, A Depression for Black and Latino Americans

A new study from the Pew Research Center reports staggering gaps in median wealth–a person’s accumulated assets minus her debt–between whites ($113,149), blacks ($5,677) and Latinos ($6,325). That’s a 20-to-1 white-to-black ratio of wealth and a 18-to-1 white-to-Latino ratio. Essentially, … Continue reading

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The Magic of New Orleans: Remarkable People

There is no way to do justice to “the people” of New Orleans in a blog post, a book, or even a thousand books, and that is not my goal here. Instead, I will introduce a few of the people I have come to love while living and working part of each year in New Orleans since Katrina. Continue reading

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Lessons from Transformers 3: Machines are Subjects, Women are Objects, and Female Leadership is a Joke

Only two main characters in the large ensemble cast are women, and none of the Transformers (alien robots for the uninitiated) are female. And the two female characters are so offensive – an unmitigated object and a caricatured mockery of female leadership – that none might have been better.
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Rape in a Small Texas Town: Football, Family, and Politics

“Let’s just say, I don’t know a little girl who didn’t lie to her daddy.” Continue reading

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A Cheerleader’s Rape in a Small Texas Town: Part II

I traveled to Silsbee, Texas five times in the past six months, with conservative blogger Brandon Darby, to investigate why, despite the volume of evidence, a grand jury did not indict two football players accused of raping a high school … Continue reading

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Battle:Los Angeles — Maybe the Aliens are Female?

I am sure that, given the thoughtful way you present a racially complex world, you didn’t mean to make me or other women feel erased. Continue reading

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Fighting Hate with Hate: Anti-Asian Rant Inspires Misogyny

Over the weekend, a UCLA student posted an ignorant rant titled “Asians in the Library” that quickly became a viral video…I expected those who responded to this offensive video to be more thoughtful than the student who let loose with the jaw-droppingly racist rant. Instead, most of the comments used nasty gender slurs. Many derided the student’s large breasts, blonde hair and weight, and some suggested that rape or other violence be used against her. Continue reading

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